I'm Elinor


In the last 12 years, I have been working with medicinal plants in all kinds of forms - essential oils, tincture making, oil maceration, and more.

I offer workshops in different places in the world and through research and continuous learning I developed the natural, handmade skincare and potions of the Queen's Redemption.

I believe in the wisdom of the plants and am

grateful to be able to learn from them about sustainability and healing. My products came to life from an impulse to practice and co-create with women in the region I live in (Alentejo, Portugal). 


Our Story

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Queen's Redemption, is a combination of my two grandmas’ names, as my love for homemade natural skincare and potions is thanks to them. 
My practice of creating homemade skincare is based on my training

as a naturopath and aromatherapist. 

My passion comes from the many moments in my grandmas' kitchens. 

Thanks to them, this magical alchemy of combining elements and finding the balance between them that supports health became my passion. 

I'm Maya


I am born and raised in Macedonia. Why I mentioned my birth country? Because it is so abundant with nature, endless forests, plants, pure water.

I have been collecting wild herbs for tea with my grandmother, since I remember. All my childhood I spent soaking in the nature, laying in the grass, dreaming on the trees, hiding and exploring. All this is to say that I love Nature, the big Mother that has given us all of herself. 

Naturally the path has been unfolding in this direction, to work with plants and intuition.

Meeting Elinor and joining her in her passion and vision has been so easy flowing as we are very open to learn and compliment each other.

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I have been exploring the world of essential oils for years now and that was the connecting point for both of us, then we discovered many more.

I also serve this world as a Doula, working with the families in a holistic way. I have been studying Theater which made me express my love for Nature in a deeper way through Forest Theater and Deep Ecology.

I believe that all the answers are in and around us all the time, just we need to take the time to listen and trust. Simple bird singing, leaf falling in your hand, wing showing you a direction, tree giving you insights are some ways that Nature communicates. And the healing power of her plants in various forms and combinations is a real Alchemy.

May these offerings give as much joy, and nourishment,

as they did, to create them!

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