Our workshops weave together the knowledge of herbal medicine with cultivating our intuitive sense of what is healthy. Herbs are wonderful for both preventative health and for treating disease and imbalances.  In our workshops you can learn how to make lots of common herbal preparations, so you can fill your medicine chest. 
We will explore the path of herbal medicine of getting to the root of health, addressing all dimensions – the physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental.


Module 1

Incorporate essential oils as part of your health routine and learn how to use them safely and potently, salve making with special essential oils formulas, essential oils rolls, and more techniques of enjoying the benefits of these magical oils. 

Natural Herbs

Module 2

Learn the process of making tinctures which are very potent herbal extraction in alcohol as well as other ways of extractions like oil maceration, Infusions, and Decoctions, Herbal Honey, Infused Medicinal Vinegar, Flower Essences. 


Module 3

Examining natural treatment for common health issues- cough syrup, chest rubs, inhalation, bruise ointments, immune boost tincture formulas, Compres of black mustard seeds, fermentation.

Craft your own herbal medicine 

This workshop is for you if you:

  • You want to make herbal remedies that are medicinal and magical.

  • You want to incorporate herbal medicine into your life as a sustainable and independent way to care for yourself and your beloved ones.

  • You are curious about the intuitive way of practicing plant medicine.

  • You want to add more tools, practices, and knowledge to your work as a healer.

  • You want to learn about herbs while saving  money - creating a medicine chest full of the highest quality remedies

Additional information:

  • length:  45 minutes 

  • language: English 

  • booklet with extra material and extended information of more than 10 essential oils and practical recipes will be sent to you by email

  • languages of the materials (pdf): English

  • entry requirements: Open to all - no prior experience necessary - please note this course does not give you a professional qualification.

Sliding scale for our workshop

Queen's Redemption workshop is offered on a sliding scale. The actual cost of the class is 35 and places below that price are limited. Please read the sliding scale guide before purchasing a ticket.

  • Standard price at 35 €

  • Supported price at 25 €

  • Abundant price at 40 €

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