Our Philosophy

We believe that herbal medicine, one of the ancient medicines, should play an important part in our health practices. We want to support making the basic knowledge and skills to look after ourselves and our loved ones naturally, accessible, and to have the choice of the kinds of medicines we want to use. Herbal medicine was practiced in almost all of our ancestral folk medicine traditions, it connects us to the knowledge of our lineage and it allows us to be sustainable and independent when it comes to our health. We wish to empower you with skills for self-sufficiency and interdependence when it comes to your health and we strive to make them accessible to all people through sliding scales.

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Our health is inseparably linked to the health of the earth and all its living beings. By offering the knowledge of making non-toxic medicine, and our own organic products, we want to encourage a more healthy relationship with our ecosystem. We obtain all of the plant material we use from ethical sources and from practicing wildcrafting and sustainable harvesting.

Each of our product’s formulas is based on a research and development process to create the most potent potions for your wellbeing and health. We use glass and recyclable plastic for our offerings. Our packaging is as sustainable as possible, while we keep looking for better solutions.
Our products are handmade in small batches in a monthly cycle which makes every preparation unique. 
It may take slightly longer, but that means that we ship the products freshly made, with every antioxidant, oil, and extract at its very best.

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