A Beginner’s Guide to Natural Hair Care

There are two basic stages to taking care of hair: cleaning it, and beautifying it. The word shampoo entered English language from India during the colonial era. It dates to 1762, and it’s derived from Hindi chāmpo, itself derived from the Sanskrit root capayati, meaning to press, knead, or soothe, referring to various Indian head massage techniques associated with caring for the hair.

Over the years, hair products have become big business, and most commercial products are stocked full of chemicals. While the small amounts in each product are supposed to be safe for humans, according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the average person is exposed to 126 toxic chemicals from personal care products each day. What is the effect of all of these toxic chemicals in combination? The problem is, we just don’t know.

Luckily, there are many easy ways to make homemade hair care products, which are cheaper than store-bought products, completely natural and fun to make, with by-products that are reusable or biodegradable.

Over the next months, we’ll share several different recipes with you for natural shampoos, conditioners, and hair oils. The first is probably the most simple – excellent for dry hair, and super easy to make at home.

Flax seed serum

There are two types of flax seed (linseed): golden yellow and brown. The brown Flax seeds are slightly higher in omega 3 fatty acids.

Ingredients : 2 cups of water 1/4 or 1/2 cup of flaxseed (linseed) depending on how thick you want it 1 tbsp aloe vera gel (optional) 3 drops of essential oil (optional) 1/3 of other oils (optional)

Hot process:

Pour 2 cups of water and 1/2 cup of flax seed into a pot, on low/medium heat bring it to a boil stirring flax seed often, preferably a wooden spoon. Turn off heat when a white frothy gel-like liquid forms (it will have a raw egg-white consistency). Continue stirring while it simmers. Place the strainer on top of your bowl or container and pour mixture in. Leave to cool, add the oils, and aloe gel. Keeps for 12–14 months in the refrigerator. Place used flax seeds in a container and place them in the fridge to use them again, or add them to your muesli for breakfast!

Cold process:

Put flax seeds in water and leave them a night (or more if you want it thicker). When the texture is good take out the seeds and mix the gel with the oils and aloe vera.

Benefits: -Leaves hair soft, shiny, and moisturized -Promotes hair growth -Nourishing for the hair (rich in omega 3) -Gives great curl definition

Depending on the kind of hair, it can be used as a conditioning mask or as a gel (in dry or wet hair).

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