All about clove essential oil

Clove’s first form is the handpicked flower buds of the Eugenia caryophyllata originally from the Maluku Islands in Indonesia. Each bud is picked by hand, then dried until the pink blossoms have turned brown. From there, the dried cloves are ground and used in cooking or distilled for their clove essential oil benefits and content.

Clove’s nutritional profile is impressive, as well. They are a good source of vitamin K, fiber, iron, magnesium, and calcium.

More and more, researchers are discovering just how powerful antioxidants are and how important they are for health. Clove is top high on the list of antioxidants content. That makes it a key ingredient for anyone who wants to detox and rid their body of harmful toxins.


Clove essential oil is widely understood to be generally antibacterial, research showed that clove was especially able to target Staph aureus. What does this have to do with skin health and, more specifically, acne? S. aureus is one of several strains of bacteria that has been scientifically linked with the pathogenesis of acne.


Candida is a pervasive problem in our culture. Our diets high in sugar and acidification kill beneficial gut microbes and colonize Candida. Researchers weighed the effects of clove essential oil against nystatin(conventional medicine), finding it just as effective.


Clove essential oil is a longtime dental remedy, dating back to 1640 in French documentation and beyond in Chinese tradition. To this day, clove remains a go-to for dental needs. Aside from pain relief and numbing, Clove essential oil’s dental benefits extend to slowed decay and remineralization.

It is interesting that fluoride is so heavily used and recommended when there are clear, natural alternatives. It’s one more reason to immerse ourselves in the ancient wisdom of natural health and remedies!

When using clove, be sure to always dilute! It will burn your skin if you don’t and should always be used with much caution.

With all of the characteristics mentioned above you can clearly see why we love using this oil so much. Not to forget the warming spicy and woody aroma it gives, which we enjoy to combine with flower scents such as ylang ylang and geranium, or sweet orange. We use this potent oil in a few of our products as the True Healing Salve, Real Radiance Face Cream and Pain Relief Salve.

If you are curious to find out more on this or other topic, let us know, we are happy to hear from you!

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