Essential oils for children

As parents, we face many challenges when it comes to our children, especially around their health. We all know how it feels to receive an unexpected call from school in situations like bloody injuries, intense pain, or high fever. In those moments I’m grateful to have my home natural pharmacy available and full of medicine. I usually start to address the situation with a hug and a calming voice and after that with essential oils, salves, and homemade remedies.

So I want to offer you some of my most beloved essential oils and natural remedies for children.

Essential oils for children: which ones to have at home?

Essential oils have versatile uses that help us to be prepared at any time by keeping even one small bottle in our bags.

If I have to choose 3 oils to have at home, my choice will be: Lavender, Peppermint and Tea Tree.

Lavender is the safest and most used essential oil, it is safe to use from the first day of our life. Remember one-word CALMING and then apply it in all the situations when calmness is needed: sleepless night, skin irritation or itching, allergic reaction, burns and sunburn, cuts, wounds, teething…

Peppermint is safe to use for children above 2 years, before 2 years you can use 1-2 drops in a diffuser in a wide open space. For this oil, you can remember 2 words PAIN and COOLING, and apply it in all the situations connected with those words: muscle pain, stomachache, headache, ankle/knees growing pain, high temperature, and respiratory issues.

Tea Tree oil is one of the most famous oils when it comes to antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal activity. That’s why the word that I connect with this oil is ANTI in a good way ;) We apply it to all the situations when the body of our children is under attack: viruses, respiratory infections, skin inflammation, acne, eczema, prevention from lice, cleaning the house generally, and in case of mold.

Safe ways of using essential oils for children

The safest use for children will be aromatic: by inhaling them. For this, you can use diffusers, humidifiers, and steam inhalations.

Direct steam inhalation would be better for children above 4 years. Already diffusing the oils in the room is beneficial even if it is not direct.

  • Try diffusing a mix of Peppermint and Tea Tree oils when you are facing respiratory issues or there is some viral infection and you want to prevent it from spreading.

  • Diffuse Lavender oil when you want to make a calm atmosphere before going to bed, or in situations of stress and anxiety.

  • Diffuse Peppermint oil in the morning for a fresh start with a sharp focus.

Topical is the second safe use, done by applying essential oil diluted in a carrier oil such as coconut, almond, sunflower, jojoba, and other edible oils.

Recommended dilution chart:


Drops of Ess.Oils in 10ml carrier oil


1-2 drops


2-6 drops


6-12 drops

10 + years old

12-20 drops

You can use common sense and always start with fewer drops. When using essential oil for the first time, make a small test on the skin of the child to make sure that there are no unwanted reactions.

The best places for topical use will be the actual place of the pain or irritation in case of physical issues. If there is an emotional issue the safest place to apply is on the bottom of the feet, but also on the length of the spine, pulse points, and back of the head. Never use essential oils directly in the ears, nose, or eyes, instead, you can use them carefully around those organs.

  • Try applying diluted Lavender when you notice redness on the skin of your child as an allergic reaction, burn, or bruise. In case of infected skin issues, mix Lavender with Tea Tree.

  • Lavender mixed with Peppermint will help soothe and heal the skin after a day in the strong sun.

  • Blend of Lavender, Peppermint and Tea Tree diluted, will help in many different ways when it comes to itching after insect bites. Lavender will calm the irritation, Peppermint will cool down the pain and Tea Tree will disinfect it.

  • In case of cough and other respiratory difficulties, apply a diluted blend of Peppermint and Tea Tree on the chest and the back of your child a few times during the day.

  • Try treating high fever with diluted Peppermint oil along the spine

One very safe way to use these oils topically is to create a balm with them.

We have created the Pure Love Baby Balm for the youngest children and besides Lavender essential oil we have enriched it with Calendula oil, Vitamin E, and other healing ingredients.

Another balm that we can recommend for safe use in treating our children is True Healing Salve with Lavender essential oil, Calendula oil, Dragon’s blood, and many other natural ingredients.

For dealing with pain, we have created Pain Relief Salve where we have combined Lavender and Peppermint essential oils with Arnica oil and Oregano essential oil as some of the main ingredients.

If you want to learn how to create your personal healing salve, we have Workshops where we will deepen the knowledge of how to use herbal medicine and essential oils.

Internal use of essential oils for children is not the most favorable use, we only advise to use internally above 4 years and even then only a drop that is very well diluted. Another fact is that they are so concentrated and often not so tasty, so we need to hide them well and to give them some attractive taste. Always search for Therapeutic grade essential oils that are safe for internal use (I will soon write about that).

  • When dealing with bacteria or a viral infection try this remedy for your child 4 years and above: a teaspoon of raw honey, with a bit of Curcuma and ginger powder adjusted by taste, and one drop of Tea Tree essential oil. Eat it slowly, taking a bit throughout the day. You can repeat it every day until necessary. It brings great relief to throat pain as well.

How to choose good quality essential oils?

We want to use the best, purest essential oils for our children. Start with asking your friends that have been using essential oils on their children and have some experience to share about a brand that has brought them satisfaction. Or you can ask us as well ;)

Search for Therapeutic grade oils and do some research, if you find transparent companies using third-party testing and certificates of the testing on their websites, that is a good indicator. Choosing Organic, Bio, or wildcrafted oils is always on the safe side.

Have in mind that essential oils are very potent herbal remedies and they should be treated with respect. Store them in a cool and dark place and out of younger children’s reach. I found it amazing how the older children are attracted to learn about them and create their own roller collection for self-assistance.

Hopefully, we have inspired you to treat yourself and your children in a more natural way. If you would like to know more or you have any questions for us, we are happy to hear from you.

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