This is for you, yoni Queens!

Yoni steam

This is one of the most beautiful and meaningful rituals for women.

Taking care of the potent, powerful, and gentle place of our body - our VAGINA.

This practice is thought to be beneficial in cleansing the vagina and uterus, regulating the menstrual cycle, easing the pain of period cramps and bloating, and supporting healing and soothing after childbirth. Yoni steam can support us to connect to our sexuality on a deeper level, learning to listen to the vagina as she guides us . It supports us to become more attuned to our own body

It's important to know that the sweat is not suitable in times of pregnancy, When we bleed( in times of our period or directly after the birth), and if we suffer from fungal infection , active inflammation, or have an Intrauterine device.

Preparing for the sweat

The first step is to harvest the plants you want to use. When we harvest the plants it's recommended to do so with an intention and prayer for the healing that we invite to our life. We can take a moment with each plant and ask it to be a medicine for us you can put it near the heart or near your uterus and allow yourself to connect with a plan for a moment.

The second step is to boil water in a pot and add the plants cooking them for a few minutes, now we can allow the water with the plants to stay for a few minutes and cool down. Place the pot on the ground and sit on a suitable chair ( a low bench with a hole in it) or just kneel on top of the pot. Take off your underwear and wrap a blanket around you so that the steam doesn't spread around, slowly open the lid of the pot and allow the steam to go up, pay attention that it doesn't burn or feels too hot- if it does feel too hot wait a few minutes and allow the water to cool down before you start again, it's recommendable to sit for 20 minutes and enjoy the healing that happens right now in your body! If it becomes too cold you can always add more hot water. It's important to create a space that feels joyful and calming, by putting music that you love or incense that opens your heart.

The plants

The plants you use are important. There are a variety of different yoni steam plants, some of them you may already have in your kitchen.

Some suggestions :

  • Rosemary - antibacterial and antimicrobial

  • Rose petals - calming, uplifting, heart-opening

  • Oregano - antiseptic

  • Calendula - anti-inflammatory

  • Mugwort - balancing promotes warmth and clears stagnation

  • Lavender - antimicrobial, calming

  • Thyme - antibacterial and antimicrobial

  • Yarrow - purifies skin, healing tissue

I recommend not to use Sage or mint as they tend to dry the vagina.

I recommend doing the sweat at least once a month before the bleeding time. Of course, you can do it whenever you feel that it will benefit you! It's important to remember that each woman is different and special and each plant affects us in a different way so it's important that you listen to your body and how the planets affect you, if something doesn't feel good look for a different combination of plants.

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